Diabetic Foot Care

What is diabetic foot care?

Diabetes may affect the nerves, circulation and skin of the foot. A small cut, blister, or corn can lead to serious complications resulting in an ulcer which, if left untreated, may lead to possible foot amputation.

How is it treated?

Routine foot care and regular visits to a Chiropodist can not only maintain good foot health but also eliminate the need for invasive treatments such as foot amputations.

We also offer options for diabetics to help reduce issues through utilization of orthopaedic shoes and diabetes/compression socks. Diabetes socks protect feet from injury, are soft, provide padding on the sole of the foot, and should conform to the foot/leg without wrinkles. The fibers should wear evenly, instead of leaving thin spots where friction can occur. They also offer moisture-wicking properties to minimize the risk of infection and blisters.

Diabetes socks protect skin but don’t improve circulation. To push blood out of the feet and calves and back to the heart, you need something stronger – ask your doctor if compression socks are suitable for you.