Orthopaedic Shoes

Orthopaedic shoes may be needed when you have a foot or toe deformity, severe bunions, open sores such as ulcers, a neurological disorder or a complex foot injury.

How are Orthopaedic shoes different from everyday shoes? ​

Orthopaedic shoes are designed with the mechanics and the anatomy of the foot and ankle in mind. Having several medically beneficial features, here is how Orthopaedic shoes differ from everyday shoes:

Orthopaedic shoes have a very strong and rounded sole (called “rocker bottoms”) to make it easier to walk.

Orthopaedic shoes have a removal foot bed and extra depth to accommodate custom made orthotics.

Orthopaedic shoes are available in different widths to accommodate wide or deformed feet.

The severity of the foot abnormality plays a role is determining whether or not Orthopaedic shoes are required.

Some of the brands we carry are Apex, Proto-fino, Drew, and Ortho feet (to name a few) in many different styles and sizes!