Covid-19 Health and Safety Policy & Procedures

Understanding the unique and ongoing risk of COVID-19 virus transmission amongst asymptomatic individuals, it is the utmost concern and duty of Ancaster Foot Clinic to protect our patients and our community and ourselves against retransmission and spread of COVID-19 virusTo that purpose, our Health and Safety mandate is as follows:

  1. Staff will wear PPE: procedure masks, face shields, gloves, hats, gowns in an effort to protect the patient, themselves and ultimately the community.
  2. All surfaces and equipment will be disinfected after every appointment.

  1. Hand sanitizers will be readily available for staff and patient use.

  1. Patients are encouraged to bring their own masks, because of a shortage of PPE.

  1. Patients will be booked in staggered manner, with at least 15 min between appointments for disinfecting measures and to aid physical distancing.

  1. Patients will be asked to wait outside or in their vehicles until their appointment time. They will be texted or called when it is clear to enter the clinic.

  1. It is recommended to leave outerwear and non-necessary belongings in the car.

  1. Walk–ins are discouraged, please call to make an appointment.

  1. Non-essential escorts / visitors will not be permitted in the clinic.

  1. Patients will be pre-screened via email and at the clinic.

  1. The Patient’s temperature will be checked via a contactless thermometer.

  1. Patients with serious health conditions or signs of sickness should not book appointments.

  1. Patients will receive an email outlining our COVID -19 health and safety protocols and related consent 48 hours prior to their appointment and will be requested to  respond prior to their appointment.