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What is it?

A callus is a large, thick, toughened area of skin, caused by repeated friction or pressure. They most commonly develop on the “ball” of the foot (metatarsal area) or bottom of the heel. Calluses are not normally harmful. The diminishing fibro-fatty padding further facilitates the development of calluses and corns. If they are left untreated, they can possibly lead to more serious problems like ulcers and infections. Especially for people with increased risks such as peripheral neuropathy, peripheral vascular disease, diabetes, etc.

How is it treated?

Your Chiropodist can treat or remove calluses by cutting away the layers of only dead skin with a scalpel. No downtime is involved. Many times adhesive padding made of semi-compressed felt, usually made at the chair side provides substantial temporary relief. Professionally fitted footwear and custom made ORTHOTICS can prevent calluses from forming or at least slow down their growth. The better fitting footwear gives the patient’s feet more room and the custom made orthotics would reduce pressure on the affected areas.