Nail Fungus


What is it?

(ONYCHOMYCOSIS): Nail fungus is caused by a highly contagious organism that causes nails to become thick, chipped, discoloured and brittle. There are many types of fungi that can take hold around and under the nail as well as on the skin. It is naturally present in our environment, however nails can become more susceptible to infection for a variety of reasons including trauma to the nail, tightly fitting shoes, a weakened immune system and untreated athletes foot, just to name a few. Due to the fact that it is highly contagious, care must be taken to keep it from spreading to other toes and to other people. 

How is it treated?

The earlier it's caught, the greater the chance of a cure. There are a few treatment options for toenail fungus. There are medications the Chiropodist can prescribe. For this method to be most effective, the affected nail(s) and skin must be thinned and trimmed prior to applying the medication. This ensures that the medication penetrates down to the source. If it’s a mild case, the patient can thin and trim his or her own nails at home, or the Chiropodist can use special tools in the office once every few months. For more severe cases, laser treatments in combination with the medication may be recommended. It may take from 12 to 18 months for the nail to grow in fungus free.